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Accurate. #mydumbface #sortof

Accurate. #mydumbface #sortof

My brave face has it’s own set of deep lines and creases. It’s hard to be brave when you’re scared of everything.


Emun Elliott photographed by Rich Hardcastle [x]

Maybe someday I will be able to handle this man’s dimples.


So after four years of being afraid, I finally did the thing

You know when you actually forget how to breath?

New friends?! Um. Yes please! :D

Sometimes it’s scary to meet new people and stuff. But sometimes getting over that anxiety and putting yourself out there is great.

And you end up around the city for hours, showing new friend around and eating pizza while sitting outside a parking lot, talking about queer shit, when Tegan and Sara starts playing in the background. Perfect.

Oh hey there, Dreamboat Danny <3

Oh hey there, Dreamboat Danny <3

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Operation Fallen Star by Rory Sullivan - GoFundMe


Star is a woman from my home state of NH. I never met her personally but she got hit by a car badly and has no health insurance. They haven’t raised much money so far so anything would help. Even if you have nothing to give maybe you could share this with your followers. Think of the difference it would make. She’s a mother of three, a widow, and a proud Native American woman. Thank you.


Portrait, 5th August2014 / mixed technics on paperby Olivier Flandrois + The daily drawing project


Portrait, 5th August
2014 / mixed technics on paper
by Olivier Flandrois + The daily drawing project

Woke up early. Going to bed early. Trying to find a pattern to follow, until my vacation.
I’ve been feeling it bubble up every so often, and I just need to keep pushing it down.
Can’t. Won’t. Can’t. Won’t.
Up early. Down early.

But some people can’t tell where it hurts.
They can’t calm down.
They can’t ever stop howling.

—Margaret Atwood (via rabbitinthemoon)

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#dayoff #mydumbface #transguysofig

#dayoff #mydumbface #transguysofig

Kitty claws

Kitty claws